Life Hacks! The 5 Best Moving Tips You’ll Ever Hear

The way that you address your move is a bigger decision than you think. An ideal move is cost-effective and timely so you can get set up and back to your regular life. 

Consulting with professionals who can execute will help you from packing your first box to putting the key in your new front door. 

Let the moving tips in this article help you. 

1. Understand Peak Moving Seasons and Work to Hire the Most Helpful Company

Use some discernment when it’s time to schedule your move dates. The peak moving seasons run from May to August in most cases. 

Moving during these times is fine, but know that you’re also competing for open dates and likely paying higher prices. Consider booking outside of this timeframe if your move date is flexible. 

Always choose a moving company with several years of proven service on their record, an active license, and the most skilled staff. 

2. Book Your Date and Stick the Mark With Your Moving Checklist Weeks in Advance

Once you know your moving date, consider the many steps that you’ll have to fulfill. 

Take the time to book your mover, and develop your budget at about eight weeks out. During this timeframe, you should also make your checklists, measure your furniture, create a spreadsheet, and back up all your electronics. 

When you’re four weeks out, begin packing by decluttering and packing up items that you don’t use frequently. Make sure to exercise some packing tips so that you’re doing it in the most effective way possible. 

3. Take Some Pictures and Video of Your More Complex Setups

With many people now working remotely, it pays to have a home server. You’ll want to carefully take your infrastructure apart, while also knowing how to put it back together when you get to your destination. 

When you take photos of your electronics setup, you will know how to hook your cables back up in your new home without ruining the configuration. 

4. Use Storage Rentals Whenever Necessary

Renting a storage unit can be a big difference-maker for your move. Booking one of these units lets you unload some of your clutter little by little. 

These rentals might only cost you a few hundred per month. This is an excellent short-term investment that lets you move forward with your move. 

5. Pack a Bag For Your Immediate Needs

The last thing you’d want is to get to your brand new home, ready for a good night’s sleep — only to find out that you can’t find anything that you need. Get past this by packing an overnight bag and an immediate need box. 

You can grab these items quickly without having to tear everything apart to find the essentials. 

Put These Moving Tips to Use

These are the moving tips that you’ll want to use when it’s time to pack up and go. Moving goes beyond just packing boxes and protecting your glasses. 

We can show you the finer parts of moving and happily provide the utmost service for you. Take time to get in touch with us for a quote.