File and Record Storage

File /Record Storage in the Philadelphia and South Jersey Area

Office floor space is valuable and it is more cost effective to store many of your Company’s files / records off premise. Just after year end is a perfect time to archive your files, and determine which files / records can be moved to off premise storage. This will reduce the amount of floor space being consumed by storage of old unnecessary files / records, and allow that same floor space to be actively productive. We can also arrange for file destruction, with a certificate of destruction, when you decide the time is right for disposal.

Your files can be retrieved with one phone call to our office, and will be delivered to your facility when requested. One phone call can also have us pickup files from your facility, and return them to be refilled at our warehouse. Call Sinclair moving for all your off premise file / record storage in South Jersey, North Jersey (all of New Jersey), Philadelphia area, Delaware & Maryland.

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Why should I hire a moving company?

By hiring a professional moving company, like Sinclair Moving, it can save you time and stress of having to worry about getting your items moved into your new home safely, and without loss of items or damage. Our professional moving team takes care of everything from start to finish, quickly and safely, plus we are fully-licensed and insured.

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