Must-Do Tasks Before Moving Out: The Ultimate Moving Out Checklist

If you have a move in your future, you want to approach it with as much organization and planning as possible. While moving can be stressful and overwhelming, it doesn’t need to be, with a little forethought. 

Approach the move like any big project. Do some planning, get your materials, and have a strategy for how to make it happen with efficiency and ease. 

Consider these things you should do if you are moving out of one house and onto a new one. 

Preparing Moving Day

Ahead of the move, you’ll want to do some planning for how you’ll move your things. 

It is essential to consider the kind of move you are making. A long-distance move across the country is different than a local move, moving to a neighborhood one town away. Research movers and get information on their services. 

Consider what kind of services you hope to get from your movers. Generally, moving companies have different levels of service to choose from. A full-service move is when the movers supply all packing materials, pack your belonging, transport everything, then unpack and set it up at your new home. A partial-service move is when you pack up your things yourself, and the movers transport your things from your old home to your new house.

It’s a smart idea to make a reservation with your movers several months in advance so that they have the correct trucks and help available for you. 

If you plan to do the packing yourself,  buy boxes, tape, packing paper, and labels. As you pack, consider how you want to label the boxes, so once they get to your new home, they can go right to the new room they belong in. 

Take photographs of your valuables, room arrangements, and technology. You might think you will remember the setup, but being able to look at a photo that shows how all the cords plug back in can be very helpful to get you settled in your new residence. 

Notification About Your Move

Make a list of who you need to notify of your move. 

If your kids are changing schools, research for their new school, also let their old school know so that records can be sent to the new school. 

Notify your utility companies like gas, electric, cable, garbage, and phone service of your move. They will want to know the last day you are responsible for the bill at your old home. They will also want to know who the next responsible party will be if you are transferring service to the new homeowners. 

Moving Day: Taking Care Of Your House

Moving day can be hectic and tiring, so it is good to have a specific plan. Will you need hotel arrangements between the old house and the new one? Do you need a babysitter to cover your kids during the move? Do you need to make any special arrangements for pets?

Once the movers have loaded up your belongings, check each room carefully to make sure that nothing has been left behind in closets. 

Make sure you keep enough cleaning supplies available so you can clean up rooms as they’re emptied out. You can use these same cleaning supplies to clean up your new home when you arrive.

Make A Plan for Moving Out

While moving can be stressful, with a little planning and organization, it doesn’t need to be. 

Hiring a quality moving company to help you through the process can completely change your moving experience. If you have a move in your future, contact us today to learn about our moving services. Make your next move an easy one.