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Moving your business can be challenging, but by partnering with Sinclair Moving & Storage, you’ll find the right moving and storage services for your moving project. Some of these tailorable services include:

  • Local Moves
  • Long-Distance Moves
  • Warehouse Storage
  • Office Moves

By going with Sinclair Moving & Storage, you’ll have the exact moving and storage options for your commercial move, all backed by our excellent benefits such as:

  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • Experienced since 1923
  • Member of the NJ Warehousemen & Movers Circle of Excellence
  • Free Moving Estimates
  • Member of Preferred Movers Network USA

To get started with your commercial move with Sinclair Moving & Storage, fill out our simple and free online form or give us a call at (856) 753-7400.

With our experienced movers, your commercial moving needs will be met simply and efficiently. In addition, Sinclair Moving & Storage offers various moving and storage options that can be shaped to fit your exact requirements.

At Sinclair Moving & Storage, we have been in the moving and storage business since 1923, leaving our customers confident in our expertise in all things moving and storage. We are among only 15 moving companies to be awarded the New Jersey Warehousemen and Movers Circle of Excellence designation.

Our Commercial Moving Services

Needing to move your business or store? Partner with Sinclair Moving & Storage to make your commercial move straightforward and hassle-free with our moving services that can fit your exact moving needs.
Some of our services include:

  • Local Moves: Moving down the street or across town? With a local move, you’ll have your commercial space moved without a hitch with our crew of expert movers and packers.
  • Long-Distance Moves: Moving across state lines is simple with us. We have the knowledge and skill to safely pack your equipment and goods and securely transport them into storage or your new location.
  • Warehouse Storage: With every move, we offer warehouse storage options that are integrated into the move, letting you decide what you need in your new commercial space and what can be stored away safely.
  • Office Moves: Needing to move your office equipment without missing a beat is easy with us. You can read more about our office moving services here.

By partnering with us at Sinclair Moving & Storage, your commercial move will be handled by movers with experience and expertise to complete your move fully to your specifications.

What to Look for in a Commercial Moving Company

Not every moving company is capable of handling your commercial move. Here are some of the best practices to keep in mind when looking for the right movers:

  • Fully Licensed and Insured: Most moving companies display their licenses on their sites for customers to look up and validate their professionalism. Ensure your moving company clearly states theirs before choosing them.
  • Decades of Experience: Some newer moving companies may not know how to handle your move properly, so to ensure less hassle, find a moving company with experience in moving and storage.
  • Free Estimates: With a free estimate, you can budget for your move without worry. Ensure your moving company of choice allows you to budget before your move with a free estimate.

By following all of these criteria, you’ll end up choosing Sinclair Moving & Storage to be the perfect moving company for your commercial moving needs.

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At Sinclair Moving & Storage, we are fully licensed (MC43733/PUC 700833), fully insured (general liability/worker’s comp.), along with being a member of Preferred Movers Network USA. All of these excellent benefits work together to create a seamless and stress-free commercial move for you and your business.

To get started with Sinclair Moving & Storage, fill out our free online form or give us a call at (856) 753-7400.

Did you know...?

What should I do with my jewelry and other valuable items?

Any valuable items and important documents should be packed and moved by you personally. These items include:

  • Important Documents (Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards, Passports, Mortgage Papers, etc.)
  • Laptops and Portable Electronics
  • Medications
  • Jewelry
  • Money
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