Your Perfect Packing Guide: The Top 9 All-Time Best Packing Tips For Moving

Moving can be a significant challenge. With many moving pieces, you need to make sure all your bases are covered.

In a survey of 2,000 people who have previously moved, the average person made five different moving mistakes in one single move. Additionally, 44 percent made the same blunder more than once.

So, why not learn from the mistakes of others? 

Here, we offer tried-and-true packing tips for moving—so you can enjoy your new space.

1. Pack Early

Of those five moving mistakes we mentioned earlier, the most common one was packing too late.

Forty-five percent of people admitted to waiting until the last minute to begin packing.

Start packing as early as possible—pack up the items you won’t be needing between now and your move. Get off-season items tucked away and ready to go.

2. Get Rid of Clutter

Be liberal with your ‘donation’ box.

One way to make moving more manageable is to make a dent in what you’re moving.

Use this fresh start as a way to rid the clutter from your life. Put items in your donation box as you go and find a local spot to drop it off before the move.

3. Use a Moving Folder

Staying organized is essential in eliminating hassles in a move.

Keep a moving folder with you that holds important documents such as those from your moving company, addresses, information about your utilities, and more.

4. Follow a Checklist

Make a “before, during, and after” checklist—and abide by it!

If you can break your move down into stages and then check things off as you go, you’ll feel much more centered come moving day.

Keep your moving checklist in your moving folder.

5. Gather Moving Supplies

Invest in an adequate supply of packing materials —boxes, packing tape, scissors, packing paper, bubble wrap, permanent markers, and labels.

Don’t wait until you run out of items before you realize you need them. Make “buy moving supplies” an item on your moving to-do list.

6. Pack Dishes on Their Sides

One way to avoid broken dishes is to pack them on their sides—not flat in a box.

Packing them on their sides will prevent them from breaking because of the weight of the dishes stacked on one another. Additionally, wrap each dish with packing paper, and then wrap a handful of wrapped dishes into one big bundle for extra security.

7. Put Heavy Items in Small Boxes

A large box full to the brim with books will be too heavy to carry safely.

Pack your heavier items into smaller boxes to make them more manageable. Pack lighter items, like clothing, bedding, linens, into larger boxes.

8. Label Each Box

To make things easier for you as you unpack, and for your movers, label each box on every side. Include the contents of the box and the room in which it should be placed in your new home.

This way, the movers know where to go as they unload the moving truck.

9. Keep an Essentials Bag

Pack an essentials bag with items you’ll need to have in case time gets away from you, you have to make extra stops, or you just don’t feel like unpacking as soon as you’re in the new space. Include toiletries, medicines, a change of clothes, and phone chargers.

Use These Packing Tips for Moving Stress-Free

Moving doesn’t have to be complicated. If you start early and stay diligent, you can make it quite simple—for you and your movers.

For more packing tips for moving, keep scrolling through our blog! We discuss everything from moving with kids to setting up your utilities.