How to Set up Utilities for an Apartment: A Complete Guide

Congrats! It’s your first day in your new apartment. Boxes and disarray surround you, but it doesn’t matter, because you’re so excited to be there!

You reach for the light switch and realize you forgot to turn on the electricity. Oops — that’s one moving mistake you don’t want to make.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Are you wondering how to set up utilities for an apartment? Depending on your complex, rent often includes some services, making it easy and convenient. However, you are responsible for setting up certain utilities (such as your electricity).

Setting up Utilities for an Apartment

Which Utilities to Set Up

Your new lease should tell you which utilities you’re responsible for. Usually, apartment leases cover certain services, like water and trash. 

Check with the landlord to see if there are preferred providers for the complex. For instance, your unit may be wired for cable from a particular provider. A quick check with your landlord before contacting those providers will save you time.

When to Set Up Utilities

It’s essential to set up utilities before you move. You will need utilities working as soon as you move in, so plan ahead and set up your services about two weeks before your move-in date. 

When setting up utilities, you’ll need to select a start date. If you are moving in on the first day of the month, the utility start date will be the first of the month.

How to Set up Electricity 

Setting up electricity is as simple as calling your local provider or visiting their website.

They will ask you many questions — your address, the intended start date, and other personal information. Likewise, you may ask them their rates and how those rates are determined.

Many electricity companies will run a credit check to decide whether you need to pay a deposit.

How to Set up Internet and Cable

First, you’ll have to decide how you want to go about setting up these utilities. You can have a cable provider provide both, or you can have a DSL internet service provider (or ISP).

Setting up internet and cable is much like your electricity — research the different options in your area and compare prices and features. Once you’ve found the one that best suits your needs, give them a call and have it set up!

How to Set up Trash Collection 

Most apartment complexes have trash services already established. You’ll likely bring your trash to a designated spot where it will get collected on certain days. Check with your apartment complex or landlord for more information.

How to Set up Water

Often water is included in your rent payment. If it’s not, setting up water is as simple as setting up your other utilities. It’s even easier since there will be a designated company in your local area to go through.

But it is likely that water, as well as trash, will be part of your rental fee.

Apartment Sweet Apartment

Now that you know how to set up utilities for an apartment, you’re good to go! 

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