Temporary Move

Preparing for a Temporary Move

When people think of moving, they think of relocating permanently. While this is often the case, not all moves are permanent in nature. There are times where a move is partial and/or temporary. These types of moves include a temporary relocation while a home is being remodeled or repaired, moving for a season, such as those who spend six months in New Jersey and six months in Florida, or even moving to a location for a few months while you are waiting for your permanent residence to be completed and move-in ready. Preparing for these types of moves is different from making a permanent relocation.

When preparing for a temporary move, you have the opportunity to be selective. You do not need to move your entire home into your temporary location. Some items may be able to stay in your home while you are gone or can go into storage (if the move is an interim move).

The Remodeling Move
If you are moving out of your home while parts are being remodeled, you may only need to pack the areas being renovated and essentials you and your family will need while you are displaced. For instance, if your kitchen and bathrooms are being remodeled, you will need to pack your kitchen and bathroom items and move them into other areas of the home or into a storage facility. However, there is no need to pack the rest of the house. If you are not staying in the home during this remodeling process, then you may choose to pack some clothes, toiletries, and items for your children as you relocate for a temporary period of time. The good news is that you will likely still have access to your home to get other items as they are needed. Therefore, you do not need to pack as if you are going on a long-distance vacation or moving to a new home.

The Snowbird Move
If you are packing to move for a season, you only need to pack items that will be required during that season. Typically, you will begin to fill two houses with complete living essentials. However, clothing may still travel. While you may want to bring a few sweaters and maybe a jacket in case the weather cools or even gets cold in Florida, you do not need to pack an entire winter wardrobe. That can stay in your home in South Jersey or Philadelphia for when you visit for holidays and events.

The Transitional Move
Finally, if you are moving to a temporary home while you wait for your permanent residence to be move-in ready, you should separate much of your belongings. Keep only the items you need for the interim at your temporary home. Keep everything else in storage or even at the new house (if you have limited access). This will help you avoid unpacking and repacking as well as overcrowding during this transition process.

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