Settling In: How to Make a House a Home with Simple Steps

When the moving truck pulls up at your new home, there’s a mixture of emotions. Sadness about leaving your last place. Excitement about this new chapter.

And, of course, feeling overwhelmed about the unpacking and moving-in process. Want to learn how to make a house a home quickly?

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Clean From Top to Bottom

A clean new home gives you a fresh new start.

If you can get into your new place before move-in day, make plans to give it a thorough cleaning. From ceiling fans to bathtubs, you will want to give the place a good once over.

If the move has you bogged down and you don’t have time to handle the cleaning yourself there are individuals and companies that will clean a new property before you move in.

Keep the Kids Happy

Set up an area for the kids to hang out in, to keep them busy. Whether that’s the toy room, the tv room, or their bedroom, start there.

When you unpack these rooms, set up the big things, then let them help put their toys away and decide where things like decorations go.

Let them make some decisions about how to decorate their new bedroom, even if they’re not the ones you would have chosen.

Break in the New Kitchen

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home. Unpack the kitchen early on and bring the family together with some home cooked meals. Spend time together around the table bonding in your new home.

Reestablish Your Regular Routine

Try not to let the move delay the start of your new life in your new home. Get rid of moving boxes and get back into the regular patterns of your life as soon as possible. The quicker you complete the heavy lifting and unpacking, the quicker you can decorate, settle in, and enjoy life in your new home.

Reducing the transition time of your move also reduces the amount of stress on you and your entire family.

Highlight Your Favorite Things

Maybe you had a favorite candle that made your house smell like home. Or perhaps you had a distinctive wind chime that made gentle, soothing tones that reminds you of home. Implement those favorite items as soon as possible. They will help you relax and feel settled in.

Explore Your New Community

Take a walk around the block and introduce yourself to some of your new neighbors.

Familiarize yourself with local events and happenings. Check out the local park district or public library for classes and activities to participate in.

Get involved in the community by volunteering at a local school, pet shelter, food pantry or for a cause that interests you. These are excellent places to find people with similar interests.

How to Make a House a Home

Everyone settles in a bit differently but reestablishing old routines and incorporating familiar elements will set you on your way to a successful new adventure in your new home.

If you are getting ready and planning your move, you might need some help. Contact us for a free quote.