Moving with Children

4 Tips to Help Your Young Child Adjust to Moving to Your New Home

Moving is a challenging endeavor for most people. The idea of moving can be overwhelming, even when moving only a few minutes down the road. Not only is the physical aspect of packing and actually moving your belongings daunting, but you must navigate a new home, streets, and town. As daunting as it may be for adults and older children who understand what is occurring, it is one of the most frightening experiences for young children. Young children do not understand the process. Most times they are leaving a comfort zone and all they have ever known for a new, unknown environment. No matter how exciting it may be in the long run, the initial process is extremely frightening and confusing for your young child and takes an extra period of adjustment. Here are some tips from our moving company to help you understand what your child is feeling and help him or her adjust to his or her new home.

1. Communication is Key
Children are more perceptive than we often give them credit. They know something is going on, even if they cannot understand what it is or put it into words. Do not be afraid to discuss what is happening with your young child in terms he or she can comprehend from the beginning of the process. Explain that you are looking for a new home. Tell him why, whether it is that you need more space, want a new school district, or a life change is occurring. Keeping your child in the know on his or her level helps calm your child and lets him know he are part of the process and part of the family.

2. Tag-a-Long
Do not be afraid to bring your child along when looking at homes. While you may not want to bring him or her to every home, if you are going to look at home for a second or third time prior to putting in an offer, bring your child along and ask for his or her opinion.

3. The Helper
Do not be afraid to have your child help with packing his or her own belongings. Your child will start to understand the idea of things that are important to keep and items that can be given away. One of the most significant fears children have when moving is that they will be left behind. If they are part of the process of packing and giving items away, they will see that they are an essential part of the family that will be part of the move and not left behind.

4. A Special Place
Once you have moved into your new home, make your child’s room his or her special place. Have your child pick the colors for his or her wall. Let your child take ownership of his or her new room and let your child know that his or her room is a safe space where your child can always go to just be.

The most important part of the entire process of moving is helping your child calm his or her fears. The more patience, love, and communication you provide, the more at ease your child will be in your new home.

In the meantime, if you need help moving and packing your home to move, contact the experts at Sinclair Moving and Storage at (856) 753-7400, so you can concentrate on your family, as opposed to the mechanics of moving.

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