How to Transfer Utilities When Moving Across the State

Moving can be a challenge with a never-ending to-do list. One major item you don’t want to leave off your list is to transfer utilities from your old home to your new one. 

Here’s a guide on how to transfer utilities when moving across the state.

Transfer Utilities: A Step-By-Step Guide

With over 35 million Americans moving every year, you can bet you’re not the only one unsure how to transfer utilities. 

In some cases, transferring utilities can be straightforward. Many utility companies have streamlined services for those leaving or moving into a new home. But, switching utilities still requires some planning. 

During busy times, a utility company may not process all of its orders promptly, or there may be a glitch with your order resulting in no gas, electricity, water, or internet service for days. 

1. Do Your Research

Before you can transfer utilities, do some research.

In addition to finding a great residential mover, make a list of all the utilities you are currently using. Include contact information for each utility provider.

Compare similar utility providers in your new area. The same providers you used at your old home may not service your new community. It’s important to research packages, prices, and services for your new home before signing up with a new provider.

Once you’ve decided on your new utility providers for your new home, make a list of all their contact information too.

2. Cancel Services In Advance

One of the nicest things about most utility providers is that you can call them in advance of your move to schedule a turn-off date. 

Let them know the exact date you will be moving. It may be wise to ask them to provide service until the day after your move-out day. That way, you don’t have to move out in the dark.

3. Start New Services in Advance

Once you’ve decided on who to use for your new utility providers, give them a call in advance as well. Let them know the day of your expected move-in so you have running water, electricity, and internet service before you arrive.

Check Municipal Services

Is your new house within city limits?

If it is, you are likely entitled to certain municipal utility services. Usually, these include trash pickup and sewer services. You may also have access to city water.

Contact your new municipality to see which services are available for your new address. Then contact the water and sewer departments to update the account connected with your new address. The municipality should also have information about garbage collection services.

Also, contact the municipality office at your old home to have your name removed from those services at the old address upon your move-out.

What Else To Do?

To transfer utilities there are a few other tasks to consider such as doing a final reading on your meter to make sure you know just where it fell when you left. Pay any outstanding or overdue bills. And change your address with the postal service.

If you’re getting ready and planning your next residential move, you might need some assistance. Contact us for a free quote