Avoid These Common Moving Mistakes And For Movers, South Jersey’s Sinclair Moving Can Help

You’ve set the move in date. It’s a good month and a half away. That gives you two weeks to actually start worrying about being busy moving. *Buzzer sound* Nope, it’s time to start preparing sooner rather than later because the closer you are to the date, the more things you have to do. You have to start thinking about what to pack and unpacking can be something you can worry about a little later. It’s not always fun to move especially when you dread it. It can be easy if you plan accordingly, even if it’s a rough idea, but here are some moving tips of the common moving mistakes to avoid.


It might seem easy to just throw the contents of a room in a few boxes, labelling it, and then moving it. But, without sorting through your items, you might make it harder for yourself when you’re unpacking at your new place.

When it comes to moving and storage, it’s better to use storage units and move the more important things first. Try to give yourself a day or two to go through each room and sort things to keep, donate or sell, or to throw away. You might think you need every used or unused pile of notebooks, but if you haven’t touched in within the last month or longer, it’s safe to say that it can be donated.

Putting Things Off

After you’ve thought about the moving experience and how you might want it to go, you might think you’re done for the day and can start packing later. Or you meant to get some packing supplies, but you have to beat the next level in your game and then the next until it’s time for bed!

Try breaking your moving process into small, doable steps for you. Every time you accomplish a task, you might be encouraged to continue to do more! You can even allocate time for breaks.

Doing It Yourself

Yes, moving costs can be expensive, especially after purchasing or renting a new property, but taking all of the responsibility can have its own costs. Things might get lost or left unpacked, you didn’t allocate time to clean, and you can’t find your toothbrush! Moving day might come and the movers seem to be taking more breaks than there are boxes in your home.

If you’ve rushed and found the cheapest moving company, it can be likely that they’re the cheapest for a reason. Some moving companies may not handle your items carefully or may even “lose” your items during a local move.

Instead, do your research and check the reliability of a few professional moving companies who carefully manage your items and make the process more efficient rather than hinder it. Read reviews of different professional moving companies who have experience with long distance moves or local moves for both home or apartment moving and commercial moving. Look over your contract before you sign one to understand any your liability and the moving company’s liability and if there are any differences for commercial moves and local moves. When it comes to reliable, local movers, Sinclair Moving South Jersey has been in business since 1923 and knows just how to give the best service for their clients. Professional movers ensure that your items are transported to your destination safely and on-time. This South Jersey moving company will make your moving experience one of the easiest ones!  


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