Helping Kids Settle in and Feel at Home in a New House

Moving can be stressful for anyone, but a move can feel incredibly disruptive for children.

While parents clearly understand the reasons behind a move, the “why” behind picking up and moving often doesn’t make as much sense. So it’s easy to see why relocating can leave kids feeling uneasy, worried, or uncertain.

When moving with children, these tips can help ease the transition and help them feel at home in their new house.

Communicate Often

In the weeks leading up to moving day, keep the lines of communication open. Though it may be difficult — especially if kids are delighted where they are — talking about the many reasons behind a move is vital.

Keep the conversations age-appropriate, and try to anticipate questions that may arise. That way, you’ll have a good answer ready.

Practice Positivity

When helping children adjust to a move, you may want to take a Pollyanna approach. But instead, focusing on the positive aspects of the move can help ease kids’ fears of the unknown.

For instance, if they’re worried about moving schools, share all the great programs available at their new school, like sports teams, clubs, or even a cool playground.

This doesn’t mean discounting your child’s worries about the move. On the contrary, acknowledging their fears — but then bringing the focus back to all the good things about the move — can help them adjust more quickly to the change.

Give Kids Agency

Allowing children to take some ownership in the moving process may increase their excitement. For instance, older children can have some control over how their new room will look. Perhaps they can pick out a paint color for the walls or help decide where their furniture will go.

Even younger children can help pack. Consider using special moving boxes just for their room. Let them cover them with stickers or fun colors. Then, turn the move into an adventure.

Show them lots of pictures of the new house, including their room. Then, make a game out of deciding where their favorite toys will go in their new space.

Books About Moving

Books about moving can help ease the process for kids, from toddlers to tweens. But, of course, choosing age-appropriate books is critical.

For toddlers through elementary school, consider:

  • We’re Moving; best for ages 1 to 6, this book tells the story of a girl who is sad about moving away from her best friend.
  • The Berenstain Bears Moving Day uses supportive, kind language to show the bear family’s big move.
  • Hey, New Kid is an excellent book for elementary school kids about making new friends in a new school.

For older children, consider:

  • The Kid in the Red Jacket is about a 5th grader who experiences friend problems after moving.
  • Ghosts is a graphic novel for tweens about facing fears and family drama.
  • New Kid in School is about a girl who worries about making friends after her family moves.

Moving can be disruptive, no matter how old you are. However, these tips can help kids adjust to a move and settle into their new environment.

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