5 Tips to Make Moving Easy

Many people find moving a challenge, but staying organized and making good decisions throughout the residential moving process can make moving much more manageable. If you’re relocating sometime soon, here’s what you need to know about making your move more straightforward. These five tips will cut back on stress and make your life easier overall.

1. Choose the Right Moving Company

The right moving company can make all the difference in your upcoming relocation. Choosing a moving company based solely on price may be tempting, but the lowest-cost moving companies may not hire quality employees or work with the best equipment. This can lead to accidents and potential damage to your items.

When choosing a moving company, do your homework to ensure that the company you select is the best one for you.

  • Vet at least three moving companies.
  • Compare prices, but be wary of the most expensive and least expensive companies.
  • Check references (at least three) before signing on the dotted line to hire the moving company of your choice.

2. Get Started Early

Moving is a lot of work that takes many hours of preparation. Therefore, the less time you give yourself to move, the more complex the relocation.

Get started with your relocation as soon as you’ve decided to move. Even if you’re not ready to start packing your items up into boxes yet, there are still many things you can do to make moving easier. Eliminating clutter, collecting boxes and other moving supplies, making home repairs (for selling your house), and researching the area where you’d like to move are all things you can do ahead of time.

If possible, make a list of items that can be done ahead of time and create a timeline for accomplishing those tasks. Then, consult with your timeline regularly to ensure that you’re getting the work done according to schedule.

3. Eliminate What You Don’t Need

It’s essential to downsize at least a little before relocating. First, downsizing makes relocating easier because it reduces the number of items you have to move. That means less packing and less physical effort. Downsizing early on frees up time for you to do other things later. Finally, downsizing saves money. The less stuff you have to move, the less money you’ll spend getting it wherever you’re going.

4. Take an Organized Approach

Make a binder of important papers that you’ll need during your relocation. If you’re buying a new house, this may include financial documentation for your mortgage lender. If you’re starting a new job, this may consist of the paperwork your new employer will need on the day you begin work (like your driver’s license, passport, etc.). Keeping all of these items in a centralized location can prevent you from losing them during the move. Write a big reminder on your binder: “DO NOT PACK!” Then keep this binder with you in your vehicle when you travel to your new home.

5. Get Help When It’s Needed

Don’t try to shoulder the entire burden of moving on your own. Instead, get help from friends, loved ones – and a reputable moving company. The more support you get, the easier your relocation will be. To get started with your upcoming relocation, contact us today.