Essential Foods to Eat During Your Upcoming Move

Relocations require lots of energy, so it’s essential to be sure that you’re getting the right kinds of food during a move. Unfortunately, making and buying meals can also be stressful, and that’s something you don’t need in the middle of a relocation! Therefore, it’s also essential to be sure that you’ve got lots of low-stress, protein-packed, healthy and easy items that you can turn to when it’s time to make something to eat. Here are some ideas for your household move.

Take Out

Start gathering take-out menus from local restaurants weeks or months before you start packing. Knowing all the restaurants in your area and what kind of foods they serve is essential. You’re going to want some easy options that can be delivered to your door, especially when you’re busy packing! Give priority to restaurants that serve healthy, protein-packed foods. Look for foods like salads loaded with eggs and meat and foods that contain lots of beans.

Quick Protein

Protein helps give you energy and keeps you full for longer, so keep lots of quick proteins on hand. Boil eggs and keep them available for breakfast foods and snacks. Have lots of nuts on hand that you can pop into your mouth at any time. Keep cheese in the fridge and granola bars and jerky in the pantry. All of these foods can be eaten quickly between other moving-related tasks and can help keep you going.

Foods You Already Have

Try to make as few trips to the grocery store as possible while you’re relocating. Instead, eat the foods that you already have in your pantry to help you save money on meals, save time, and eat down the contents of your pantry. Use up the cans of soups, beans, and vegetables you have sitting in your pantry — they should all come out now for mealtime and snack time.

Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially when you’ve got a big day of work ahead of you. Keep breakfast foods on hand to give you energy, and try to eat breakfast every day. Remember, boiled eggs make an easy and nutritious breakfast, but there are lots of other options you can be making for yourself. Keep yogurts in the fridge to start your day off right, and drink all that milk you’ve got in the fridge so that it won’t go bad.

Keep Bananas on Hand

Bananas are a healthy and filling snack that many people enjoy. Whenever you’re at the grocery store, stock up on bananas, you’d be amazed how much better you feel after eating just one banana. This is a great snack to help you stave off hunger while you’re packing.

Pack Food For Moving Day

Pack a cooler of food to have on hand during moving day, including water and snacks for you and your family. Hopefully, you’re working with a professional moving company that will load and unload your truck and gives you the time to focus on what’s important during your relocation. If you haven’t contacted a moving company yet, contact us today to discuss your upcoming relocation.