The Autumn Move

Tips for Adjusting to Your New Home At the Beginning of the School Year

It is not uncommon for families to move into a new neighborhood during September and October. While many families with school-aged children make every attempt to move over the summer, processes can take time, creating a need to relocate at the beginning of the school year. That being said, families with children will be getting adjusted to their new neighborhoods after school has begun, at a time when life is in full swing, with little hope of slowing down anytime soon. The good news is this is the time in which people are open to making new friends and meeting new families. Here are some tips to help you and your children adjust to your new home while starting a new school year.

Get Involved
When you move to a new area, no matter what time of year, you are looking to get to know people and the overall landscape of your new town and neighborhood. One of the best ways to do this is to get involved in your community. However, if you are moving to a new area at the beginning of a new school year, getting involved takes on an entirely different meaning. This is the time to get involved with the school and other parent/children activities. As a new family in the area, the best way to learn about the educational community is to become involved within the system. Joining the PTA, signing the kids up for sports and other activities, and participating in many of the back to school events that occur in September and October are perfect ways to get introduced to the community and begin to adjust to your new home and neighborhood.

Do Your Research
In addition to ingratiating yourself into the school and family culture, you must take the time to care for your home. Most towns have a town and municipality website in which relevant information can be found. Being a good neighbor includes following the guidelines regarding trash collection, leaf collection, snow removal, noise ordinances, and even pet rules, to name a few issues. Take the time to learn about the laws, regulations, and ordinances in your new neighborhood to make sure to avoid fines or angering neighbors. When all else fails, do not be afraid to ask your neighbors about guidelines and proper etiquette used to follow township and municipal rules.

Be Courteous and Kind
Finally, to adjust to your new home and neighborhood when the school year has begun, it is important to be courteous and kind to your neighbors. This may seem like an obvious statement for anyone at any time; however, this time of year it is especially important and can be especially tricky. The beginning of the school year is an adjustment for all families, whether you are new to a neighborhood or have lived there for years. Adjusting to new schedules, making new friends, and addressing new issues can be exhausting. Understand that people are a little more rushed and potentially on-edge at the moment. Take the time to smile and be patient. Life will return to a type of normal soon enough, and those who were kind will be more accepted than those who were not.

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