A Busy Parent’s Guide to Moving with Kids

We understand that moving is stressful, but there’s an entirely new dimension of difficulty when you add children to the mix. 

Moving with kids is something all parents have to deal with, but it doesn’t have to be difficult if you follow these simple tips. Let us help you make the moving experience less stressful and maybe even fun for the kids.

Prepare Them

For young kids, gently break the moving news about a month in advance. This will provide enough time to process the information but not so much that your children have the opportunity to fret about the upcoming changes.

Read age-appropriate books about moving and explain the process. Make sure you discuss that the important things will remain the same. Assure them that everything in the house, particularly in your child’s room, will come to the new home

Create a scrapbook about the house that you’re leaving. Include pictures of your home, your children’s friends, school, and key neighborhood spots. Try to include a photo of your new home at the end as a transition to your new house.

Make the Move an Adventure

Moving is emotionally stressful, especially for children. They have friends they’ve known for most of their life. It’s their home, and now they have to go to a brand new place where they don’t know anyone.

Their emotional state can also impact the move. They’ll be more likely to cause trouble and be uncooperative. It can even cause you to make common moving mistakes. Try and frame the move as an adventure.

You’re moving to a new place with new people, new food and new adventures. If you’re moving to a metropolitan area, then tell them all about the sights and sounds of the big city. If you’re transferring to somewhere rural, then explain to them the beauty of nature.

If possible, take your children on an advance visit to your new home and neighborhood. Point out spots that will be important to them like playgrounds, the library, and maybe even a donut shop. This will help relieve some of the mystery and fear and make the move a more pleasant experience.

Age Matters When Moving With Kids

There’s a big difference between a newborn and a high schooler when it comes to moving. If you have young children consider a baby sitter on moving day. It’s not only for your sanity but also for safety.

Ideally, find someone away from the chaos of your house where your children can go for moving day. There they can better follow their daily routine of meals and naps and avoid the anxiety and stress going on at home as the moving truck is loaded.

Also, having them away from the house assures they will be out from underfoot as movers are busy with loading boxes.

Transition Quickly

With the move-in complete, it is essential to get back into the regular routine as quickly as possible. Try to reestablish family dinners and other rituals as soon as you can. Children rely on routine to give them a sense of security, so getting back on schedule with naps, bedtimes, and mealtimes is vital.

Plan some fun activities soon after you are settled. Meet the new neighbors, visit the local park, find the best pizza place. Perhaps even make play forts out of some of the cardboard moving boxes.

Moving Doesn’t Have to Be an Ordeal

Follow these tips and stay positive about your family’s move. Your positive attitude will go along way with easing your children’s stress during the move.

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