5 Benefits of Hiring a Residential Moving Company for Your Out-of-State Move

While most people tend to stick close to home, or at least within their home state when moving, 2020 brought about a significant increase in people moving out of state. So, whether you opt to pack up and head to a new state to call home because of work, family, or otherwise, transitioning yourself and your belongings across state lines can be a real challenge.

Hiring a moving company to help with the transition can take the load off. Here is a look at some of the most important benefits. 

1. Save yourself time

Moving to a new state can mean you will have a little more to contend with that will require time. For example, you may not be familiar with utility service providers in your new state, so you can spend more time getting utilities connected in the new place than usual. When you bring in the help of a professional moving company, you will have a little more free time to focus on the more critical tasks. 

2. Forgo the risks of lost and damaged items

You are more likely to face damaged and lost things when moving a long distance than you would if you were moving locally. Bringing in the help of professional movers will ensure your belongings are well kept in a protected area for the duration of the trip. 

3. Save money on fuel for extra trips

When relocating on your own, you might purchase extra supplies like bubble wrap for protecting valuables or boxes to secure your things. But, when you hire professional movers, these moving supplies are often included in the cost of the long-distance full-service move. Also, the moving process takes time, so you might have to miss work to get everything accomplished, resulting in lost wages.

4. Focus on transitioning your family instead of your stuff

An out-of-state move can be far more of an emotional challenge than moving within the same city or even in the same state. You may be saying goodbye to favorite places and people you won’t get to see quite so often. Your children may be dealing with switching schools. You may be leaving a workplace and familiar coworkers. With some help with the physical aspects of the move, you have time to focus on getting your family through the emotional transition. 

5. Negate the risks of injury

Without question, moving is physically challenging, and you might get hurt. When you add in a new challenge factor of moving a long distance, you may lose sleep, deal with time constraints, and generally face a lot of added stress. Unfortunately, this can also mean you are more at risk of sustaining an injury during the process. Having professional movers can help lighten the burden so you can stay safe. 

Ready to get moving with some help?

Any relocation can be a big event, but moving out of state can amplify the stress. If you need help with your upcoming out-of-state relocation, please reach out to us to get started with a free moving quote.