Unigroup Migration Study

The United Van Lines 43rd Annual National Movers Study is out. During 2019, New Jersey experienced the highest rate of outbound interstate movers in the country. 69% of Jersey’s interstate movers were leaving the state whereas only 31% were moving in.

This is nothing unusual. During the past several decades, the majority of New Jersy’s interstate movers were outbound movers. This is due, in part, to the aging baby boomer population seeking to retire elsewhere in the country.

Most of the state’s inbound movers came to Jersey for job opportunities.

Pennsylvania, on the other hand, experienced a relatively balanced number of movers head into and out of the state. 49% of movers were inbound and 51% were outbound.

The primary reasons for moving to and from Pennsylvania were very similar to New Jersey’s with most outbound movers citing retirement and inbound movers citing job opportunities.

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