Tips on How to Stay Organized During a Move

Moving can be difficult. It can become a disorganized mess without the proper planning. By keeping your move as organized as you can, you’ll make your life much easier. Organization ensures that everything you need gets to where it’s going. Here are some tips for making your move go as smooth as possible by staying organized:

Start with a Moving Checklist and Schedule

The first thing you’ll want to do when preparing for a move is to start a checklist of general tasks and a timeline of when you want to accomplish them. There are going to be a lot of things you need to do. So, it’s a good idea to organize things as soon as you can and write those things down on paper. This not only organizes your tasks but allows you to visualize just how much you have to do and how much time you have to do those things. As you accomplish tasks, you can check them off, giving you a good indication of progress you made and progress you need to make.

Inventory Items

Your general moving checklist is a great way to get the ball rolling, but you may want something more specific for packing. Keeping an inventory of what you will be moving can help you keep track of your belongings as you pack, when you move and as you unpack so you know everything made it safely to your new home. You can couple your inventory with a checklist to make sure everything is ready to go on moving day. This will be most important for valuable items. Whether it’s jewelry, important paper work or something with sentimental value, clearly mark what you pack and where you pack it. This will give you peace of mind and ensure those things won’t get lost.

Label Everything

Labeling is your best friend during a move. As you start to pack, make sure that you label every box with the room it’s going to and what is inside. You don’t have to be too specific, but the more information you include the easier your move will be. For example, “Master Bedroom: Linens and Towels” or “Living Room: Pictures and Frames” would be clear labels that identify where a box needs to go and what you’ve placed inside. If you wind up with a box marked “Miscellaneous” give the contents of that box another look to see if you can throw anything away or place it in a more precise category. The less you have to move the better.

Contact the Movers

You’ll want to make sure that you’re not waiting for the day before moving day to contact a team of professional movers. Get in touch with our team at Sinclair Moving and Storage to discuss what we can do for you and you won’t be disappointed.

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