Autumn and Winter Moving

Tips for Preparing a New Home During the Autumn and Winter

As the weather cools down, there are some ways in which moving becomes a bit easier. However, the colder weather does pose some issues for preparing a new home. Rather than getting everything in order after the move, there are some simple steps to take beforehand to get your home ready for winter before the first couch gets pushed into the living room.

Heat and Light

Before moving, it’s important to make sure your new home already has heating and lighting to avoid a cold, dark night upon arrival. In fact, a good rule of thumb is to ensure the heating is on the day prior to moving, if possible. While this is not as possible when moving long distances, shorter moves can be made far more pleasant with this extra step whether you’re moving an entire home or switching to a new office.


On average, homes lose between 30 and 40% of their heat through walls alone. This doesn’t factor in roofs, floors, windows, and doors. If time allows, insulating the new home prior to moving in can make the process easier since furniture is not in the way yet. It can also make an easier move since things will be better set up and simpler to place things while staying warm.


Autumn is beautiful because of the changing foliage, but the dead leaves can quickly block up a gutter. While gutters are located outside of the home, where few things will be homed, having your stuff moving around can make for some extra hazards while getting up on the roof. Even further, there is a good likelihood that they haven’t been cleared all that close to the move-in date. Since leaves accumulate so quickly, depending on the dates you’re moving, it could take only a few days to clog up and lead to bigger issues.


If you’re moving during the winter, there is always the risk for snow. If it snows in the days leading to your move, it can pay off big to go to the new home a day ahead to clear pathways. This will lead to a much safer move. If you are unsure if it will snow, or there is a forecast for snow on the day of the move, salting the pathways can help alleviate some of the snow-related hazards.

These handy tips can help stave off injuries and lead to a smoother move. Contact us today to find out how our team of professionals can make your move even easier any time of the year.

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