Tips for Moving to a Retirement Home

Moving to a retirement home or assisted living community is a tough conversation that many families will have to face. There are a series of challenges that come with such a big change and it can seem overwhelming.


So we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips to aid with the transition of moving to an assisted living community.


Stay Positive

One of the most important things to do during the transition is to remain positive, especially relatives. It’s a difficult decision to make but once it’s made, don’t criticize it.


Offer support and remember that the move is about the resident and not yourself. Everything should revolve around the new resident; make sure that they’re comfortable in their new home


Empathy and positivity are your best tools during a transition like this. To ensure they’re getting settled alright, give them a call every day or stop by for a visit. Being in a new place can be overwhelming so having loved ones present can provide much-needed comfort.


Write Down Questions

You’ll no doubt have a long list of questions you’ll want to have answered before moving into your new home. It’s important to identify what those concerns are such as privacy, meeting friends, daily routines, etc.


Assisted living homes often provide written materials addressing concerns and staff should be happy to answer questions as well.


Assisted living homes often provide activities and clubs you can join. Oftentimes, you can join these programs prior to your move in. This would give you a great opportunity to meet your neighbors.


Getting Ready for the Move

If you’re able, give yourselves some time to prepare for the move. Having time to prepare can save everyone from a lot of undue stress.


Since you can’t take the whole house with you, you’ll have to narrow down the items you’ll be bringing with. If you can, take a look at the suite/room you’ll be residing in to gauge what you’ll have room for. The residence should also provide a list of suggested items to bring.


This will make deciding what to bring much easier. Organize your belongings into “pack,” “family,” “charity,” and “garbage” piles. Leaving your home can be a tough process but just a few of your favorite items can make a big difference in your new home.


The packing process should begin in the lesser-used rooms. Most of these items will likely go in the family or get rid of piles. After that, you can fill up your “move” pile with rooms you interact with more. Be sure to recognize your limits and ask family or friends for help.


Many assisted living homes have staff members to help with the moving process, especially with the heavy lifting. Be sure to inquire about those services. Once in the room, you can arrange the furniture any way you like. This will really help it feel like home.


Making the Move to Assisted Living

Moving under any circumstances can be a big transition. It’s important that loved ones are there to show their support, emotional and otherwise. Hopefully, these tips have been useful.


If you’re looking for more helpful tips or a moving company to help with your transition, contact Sinclair Moving today for a free quote.