Things Your Friend with the Pickup Truck Wants You to Know About Moving

Your friend with the pickup truck is a great friend. Every time someone you know is moving, they call your friend with the pickup truck. Your friend with the pickup truck likes the fact that he can help his friends, but there are some things he wants you to know. He really wants you to know this now that you’re planning on moving. He wouldn’t mind if you’d spread the word too. Your friend with the pickup truck is fed up and this is what he needs you to know:

  • He is not a professional mover. Things may get broken. And there are limitations to what a pickup truck can transport. Don’t blame your friend with the pickup truck if something goes wrong.
  • He cannot help you move across the country or across the globe, for that matter. There are limitations to his friendliness, selflessness and time.
  • You cannot store your stuff in his basement, that’s where his kids play. You cannot store stuff in his attic, that’s where he stores his stuff.
  • He has a life and sometimes he simply cannot help you move. Prior obligations, like a weekend off from helping his friends move, take precedent.

Your friend with the pickup truck is glad he got all of that off of his chest. It’s been eating at him for a while. But he doesn’t want to leave you high and dry on moving day. In fact, he has a suggestion: call Sinclair Moving & Storage.

Professional Movers

Sinclair Moving & Storage are professional movers. And for the sake of your friend with the pickup truck, here’s what we want you to know:

  • Sinclair Moving & Storage have been in the moving business for more than ninety years. With a team of experienced, professional movers, we take expert care of your belongings. And we have access to equipment that allows us to move things that a pickup truck simply cannot.
  • No matter how far you’re moving, Sinclair Moving & Storage can help you. Our expert movers can help you move across the country or to a new country altogether.
  • If you need short or long-term storage, Sinclair Moving & Storage has clean, safe storage options for you. And as an agent for Mayflower Transit, we can arrange for your belongings to be stored with a Mayflower Agent closer to your delivery location.
  • Moving is our business. That means that we’re here to make your move easier. If you need to move, we’re always available to help.

If you’re looking for a professional team to help you move, contact our team of professional movers. We’ll make sure your move is a successful start to life in your new home.

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