Temporary Storage

Temporary Storage During a Large Move or Renovation

Moves and renovations can be hectic, especially for businesses that have a lot of files or equipment that would be put at unnecessary risk during such events. Even further, there is an increased risk of injuries when there is too much hanging around an office during hard labor. Instead of hoping for the best or relying on policies that increase safety but don’t mitigate the risk of injury, temporary storage can be a great option.

When finding a moving company, it’s smart to find a company that also works with temporary or long-term storage to keep files and equipment that won’t be used right away safe during moving. After all, a move has enough factors that can go wrong without adding boxes of materials that won’t be used for some time. In some cases, long-term storage can be ideal. If files need to be kept but there is no regular use for them, why take up office space that can be used for daily routines in business?

If you are undergoing renovations, those same companies can still offer services. Of course, there are positives and negatives to using a temporary or long-term storage option, just as with all other potential services.

Positives of Temporary Storage

  • Free of dust and debris. If you are undergoing renovations, your equipment or files could be susceptible to damage from the construction. By using a storage facility that specializes in storing such materials, you can be assured your important documents will be safe.
  • Organization and removal. When looking at an area for renovation or moving to a new place, it’s the perfect time to consider what you actually need. By removing materials you absolutely have to keep and storing them in a safe place, you can take a look at what is left with a critical eye.
  • Put your mind at ease. With materials properly stored, you can worry about more pressing matters such as organization and the move or renovation at hand. The storage unit will take care of your important materials away from the risk of damage.
  • Safety concerns. Having boxes and boxes of things everywhere is a danger to visitors and employees, along with any contractors hired. Getting the boxes out of the way clears the way for regular work.

Negatives of Temporary Storage

  • Potential cost. Some services are expensive. Of course, any service will be an additional cost, but shopping around for competitive pricing or getting a package deal with the same company can help.
  • Accessibility of materials. It’s important to only store items you know you won’t need. If you wind up needing a single document, it can be difficult to get to your documents since they won’t be on site. However, keep in mind that you can always access your items, even if it is less convenient.

Partnering with the right company is the key to success in any storage system. Contact us today to get a quote on our record and file storage services.

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