Winter Move

Preparing Yourself for a Winter Move

When moving, the focus tends to be on how to best pack and move your possessions. However, your own physical comfort is just as important. After all, if you are too cold and wind up sick, your move will be much more difficult. While winter comes with benefits, such as better availability of moving companies with the slower volume of moves, but it also comes with challenges in staying warm and healthy.

Layer Clothing Wisely

Often during cold month moves, jackets are tossed to the side for posing a challenge and potential hazard while unloading items. Even further, by participating in physical activity, your body temperature will rise. Layers allow better air flow as to not keep all your sweat in while trying to physically perform tasks. It also helps to be able to take a layer off easily when you overheat, and be able to quickly put the layer back on when you become cold.

Warm Beverages

Having something warm to drink can go a long way in staying on top of keeping warm while moving during cold months. Packing your coffee maker last can be a good way to ensure you have warm beverages on hand. If that is not practical, slow cookers have successfully been used to keep ciders and other hot drinks warm. There is also the possibility of getting to-go boxes for bigger groups of people, such as the Box o’ Joe Dunkin Donuts offers.

Proper Footwear

Improper traction on shoes can lead to injury. Even further, not having insulated shoes can lead to cold feet and health issues as a result. Getting cozy socks and good, sturdy shoes can make a big impact on how efficiently your move goes. Boots are often the best choice as they tend to have better traction and offer more foot coverage. Sneakers, however, are also a good choice. Flip flops and ballet flats should be avoided at all costs.

Professional Movers

Professional movers not only help by taking the load off your hands, they can help better strategize how the move will be handled and give professional advice and tips on making things move smoother. Contact us today to find out how our team can help with your next big move.

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