Preparing to Move: Three Things You May Not Have Considered

Moving is not an easy thing. It takes time and patience to make sure that your move goes right. If you’re planning on moving, whether down the street or across the globe, preparation is key. Before you even start to pack, there are certain steps you should be taking to make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

Clean Out the Cupboard

One of the things you’ll need to do before you move is eat. You need to eat as much of the food in your house as you can. Refrain from buying more than essentials when you go to the grocery store too. Try to find ways to use your canned goods in casseroles or check online for interesting recipes. If you find that your pantry was better stocked than you thought, there’s always the option of donating food. Transporting some food is a good idea, but you’ll be better off without the entire kitchen in your vehicle.

Inventory Important Items

You’ll also need to identify items that are important to you. Try to decide before you even pack what items will need to go with you in your own vehicle and what will go with the movers. This isn’t as cut and dry as setting aside your jewelry and valuable electronics, though. You’ll want to make sure that pictures, heirlooms or items that have sentimental value go with you in your own vehicle. The best thing for you to do is inventory items that are valuable to you and set them aside so they don’t get mixed up with other items.

Go Through Your Closet

The less you have to move the better. Another way to prep for your move is by going through your closets, junk drawers and storage areas. Throw away old clothes that you don’t wear and get rid of the bric-a-brac you’ve acquired. You can start the process of throwing away items you no longer need early. You can space this out over weeks or even months leading up to moving day. This will ensure that you’re moving as little as possible. If you’re getting rid of old clothing, be sure to donate as much of it as you can.


Preparation is one of the keys to a successful move. The more you prepare the smoother the process will be. Make sure you’re not adding unneeded stress on moving day by planning ahead. Aside from good preparation, you’ll want top-quality help. Sinclair Moving & Storage will help you prepare and transport your possessions, no matter how far. We’ll help you make the most out of moving day!

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