Hottest Philly Neighborhoods

Are you ready to invest in your first home? If so, this is a big deal and we congratulate you. Purchasing a new home can feel a bit daunting, particularly to those who are making such a purchase for the very first time. Knowing how much to put down as a deposit, what kind of home loan to get, and figuring out a workable payment plan is a lot of information to digest.

Most of these decisions will be based on which neighborhood you choose to invest your hard-earned money. Thankfully, there are some neighborhoods that are becoming truly hot commodities in Philly, while at the same time being affordable for first time homebuyers like you.

The Seven Hottest Neighborhoods in Philly for New Homebuyers

There are seven neighborhoods in Philadelphia that are proving to be rising stars on the Philly real estate market.


Fishtown was once a bustling fishing village. Now, it has transformed into a trendy, artsy town that is attracting artists and entrepreneurs alike. Fishtown is just minutes away from City Center and is home to multiple music venues and restaurants. The houses in Fishtown are quaint, colorful rowhomes, attractive to young and old alike.


According to Philly Mag, Brewerytown is undergoing a Renaissance. Properties are being renovated and there are new building projects, too. There is a good amount of commercial building growth as well. Brewerytown is great for families because it is close to the Philadelphia Zoo. And, parents as well as other homeowners are loving the fact that the city has committed to invest $1.5 million in landscaping, lighting, bike racks and other street improvements. There are also plenty of fun restaurants and cafes for any palate.


Filmmaker and artist Jamie Moffet put together a renewal initiative for this neighbor to Fishtown. The goal was to create affordable housing and basically, reinvent the city. His initiative seems to be working because this is one of the hottest neighborhoods in Philly right now. First-time homebuyers will be thrilled to know they can purchase a quality home for the very low price of $65,000. With Moffet’s film studio and the lower cost of living, Kensington is an affordable option that manages a fun, creative and even trendy vibe.


Francisville boasts one of the fastest growth rates for young buyers in Philadelphia. It was once part of Fairmount but broke off and has been progressively developing its residential and commercial zones. There are a lot of new homes being built and either sold for an affordable price or put up as rentals. Those who choose to live in Francisville will enjoy a 24-hour gym and a brewery. Plus, as the city continues to grow—which it is sure to do—there will be even more to enjoy. In the meantime, Francisville homeowners are close enough to Center City to enjoy some of its diversions.

Point Breeze

This South Philly neighborhood is a mix of young and old: established homes and new construction, millennial homebuyers and older generations. There are bars, breweries, basketball courts and a new playground. While there has been some resistance to new construction, builders have prevailed. New construction continues in both the residential and commercial areas.

Gray’s Ferry

The historical neighborhood of Gray’s Ferry is currently appealing to all income groups: low-, middle-, and upper-income groups. The housing market ranges from houses as low as $32,000 to those as high as $390,000. More and more young professionals are flocking to this neighborhood because of its close proximity to City Center’s restaurants, entertainment and to their jobs. Another benefit: residents only have to drive 3 miles to attend sporting events of the city’s four professional teams: the Phillies (MLG), the 76ers (NBA), the Eagles (NFL), and the Flyers (NHL).

West Philly

Michael Fichman of the Philly Voice is a huge fan of West Philly. He says he loves the area because he loves the type of people who move there. He and his neighbors look out for each other and help each other when needed. West Philly is also a melting pot; home to Ethiopians, Taiwanese, Jews, Muslims, and many, many others of different races, ethnicities and religions. West Philly is home to artists, rockers, nerds, activists, gardeners, farmers. If that sounds like your type of community, then West Philly is for you!

Why Should You Trust Sinclair Moving and Storage?

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