Packing Your Little One’s Room: How to Get It Right

Packing up your little one’s room can be time-consuming! But all that hard work will pay off if you do it right. You can make the process a success by decluttering before packing and enlisting help from your little one when it’s appropriate. The following tips will help make your packing experience better overall. Here’s what you need to know. 

Declutter First

Most likely, your little one’s room is full of clutter that your little one no longer needs or uses. Decluttering is a way that you can help your little one keep a more organized bedroom in your new house.

Go through your little one’s toy box and sort out any toys your child may have grown out of. Then, take old toys to a consignment shop, sell them in a garage sale, or give them to friends and neighbors.

Time It Right

If your child is old enough to understand that you’re sorting through items to decide what needs to be given away, they might resist your efforts by crying. Suddenly, every toy you’ve ever purchased for them is their favorite – all the way down to little dolls and cars they haven’t touched in years. 

Handle the sorting and decluttering when your child is out of the house to make this process easier. If possible, do it all in one sitting. 

Let Your Little One Help

Once you’ve decluttered the bedroom, it may be much easier for your little one to help with the packing. Kids as young as 5 or 6 can be asked to do things like put stuffed animals in a box or fill a moving carton with small toys.

If your child is too small to do their own packing alone, you might let them help while you pack. Including them in the process gives your child a feeling of being in control over some aspects of the move and helps them feel a sense of responsibility. 

Pack Heavy Items in Small Boxes

Do you have any heavy wooden blocks, or maybe other heavy wooden toys? Pack them in small boxes to make them easy to carry.

Make Safe Stacks

It’s best not to put stacks of boxes in your child’s room, but if you must, keep the stacks shorter than your child. The shorter the stacks, the better. Don’t stack them if your child is likely to climb on or try to get into the boxes. This will prevent your little one from toppling the boxes over onto themselves.

Leave Some Items Out

Don’t forget to leave some items out for your little one to play with while the move takes place! If your child is old enough to choose their playthings, let them. This will help ensure that your child has access to the toys they want most while your relocation is underway, so your child can stay occupied at a time when you need to concentrate.

Hire a Moving Company to Help

You don’t have to pack up everything on your own. Instead, work with a reputable moving company to get the work done for you. Professional movers can pack everything in your child’s room and your other rooms as well, giving you more time to spend with your little one. To find out how much your relocation will cost, contact us for a free quote today.