Storage Unit

Packing Up a Storage Unit

When placing items in storage, it often is known that the arrangement is temporary. However, that doesn’t make it easier to pack everything when the time comes to let the space go. Whether you now have space you didn’t have before or have decided to move away from the area, storage units are often in the back of our minds. This is because we aren’t looking at the items each day, meaning the amount of stuff can often get away from us.

However, there is a method of madness to getting a storage unit ready to be vacated. Rather than going in hoping everything will fit into a couple boxes, or hoping what items are packed in are still structurally sound, some pre-planning will go a long way. After all, you may not be moving your home but you are doing a similar move only with (typically) less space and items.

Visit Ahead

Before going to move everything out, pay the unit a visit prior to moving. This can give a good idea of what items you have and what you will need in order to move. Making lists at this stage can be very beneficial as it is easy to forget some of the smaller details. Further, it will give you a better idea of what type of move you are taking on. Whether you are going to need more than one person because it is difficult to maneuver alone, or you will need different equipment because items are stored up high, knowing your project ahead of time creates the most opportunity for success.


Don’t assume the boxes you put everything into several months or a few years ago have maintained their integrity. Instead, buy more boxes to ensure you don’t hit snags while getting out of the unit, risking getting charged for a longer amount of time. Be sure you find dry, strong and sturdy boxes. Even if the boxes look like they are in working order, be sure to have some extra boxes just in case.

Master List of Items

If you are moving a bunch of stuff, it’s important to have everything accounted for. Whether you make a list while packing up and loading into a vehicle or decide to create your master list in your visit to the unit ahead of time, having a cohesive list to refer to is imperative for proper moving.

Emptying out your storage unit because it’s time to make a big move? Contact us today to learn about the services we offer to those looking to move a full house.

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