Last Minute Packing

Moving List for Last Minute Packing

While it is always the best plan to have packing done far before the day of the move, sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. Between things coming up and complicating the move and the potential for moves to happen sooner than anticipated, last minute packing can become the case in more situations than optimal. Depending on your moving company, there could be the potential to get help from the movers when packing.
Of course, for some, the idea of someone else packing up their personal items can be nerve-wracking. By using the right organization and the best packing hacks, you can still make your move-date without sacrificing your own privacy.

Lists and Lots of Them

Lists can be the savior you need when planning a last-minute move. This can break down each room, or simply keep it to what will be packed, donated and what is trash. You can also make lists for what needs to be done outside of packing such as what utility company needs to be contacted prior to moving or what needs to be done the day before and day of the move.

Gather Supplies Ahead of Time

The last thing you need is to get halfway through packing only to realize you forgot half of what you need to get the job done. This includes boxes of different sizes, bubble wrap or packing paper, markers for the boxes, box cutters, and other labeling devices. The easier the access to these items, the better. Having them organized can set the tone for the rest of your packing. Even if most stores are closed by the time you need to start packing, there will be boxes available and other items at convenience stores and other late-night stores.

Take it Room by Room

Looking at the project overall can give a more overwhelming sense of anxiety than is necessary. Instead, look at each room and devise a plan of attack. For instance, if you consider how to pack just your kitchen and just your living room, you will quickly get an idea of what needs to be done rather than stressing over how to get everything you own into boxes.

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