Before Finding Moving Companies in Philadelphia, Plan Your Packing Strategy

There’s different kinds of moves you can do when coming into or out of Philadelphia. Whether it be commercial moving, local moves, long distance moves for an entire house, or apartment moving, it can be a daunting task. After all the stress and excitement of arranging the next place to live, it was easy to forget all of the things you have to pack. And unpacking them is a whole other ordeal. With boxes upon boxes you’re going to need to fill, organize, and move then from one place to another which can mentally drain you. There’s your clothes, your washroom items, the bed, the furniture, and you don’t even want to start thinking about the boxes in the basement that you “need” but haven’t opened since you last moved! Perhaps you’re looking at hiring a moving company in Philadelphia. Well, you’re at the right place! Here are some tips to prepare for your moving experience.

Time is of the Essence

If you need to move urgently and quickly. Sinclair Moving and Storage provides multiple solutions for those who don’t have time to pack, unpack or simply cannot do it for themselves. Sinclair Moving and Storage can do everything for you. This can also include the deinstallation and reinstallation of some items you thought you could never take with you, like a hot tub or large appliances like a dishwasher!

Packing Supplies Kit

If you’re feeling up to the task of packing on your own, you can enlist friends and family  to happily “volunteer” and help you before moving day. Try making a “packing kit” for each person. This can be dedicated sections of your building or related items in a home like amenities or cleaning supplies. Make sure to hand them packing supplies and other packing material like a marker, newspapers, and tape for valuables, boxes for packing, a box for donating, and a garbage bag destined for junk removal for the things you don’t want to keep and cannot donate.

Seize the Opportunity to Purge

When you get settled into a place like your home, car, or work desk, things start to accumulate and pile up with no place to go. Take moving, especially, apartment moving, as an opportunity to start fresh and bring just what you need or valuables you can’t replace – it’s probably okay that your collection of Christmas cards from work didn’t make it on the truck.

Go Green!

Grabbing moving boxes or garbage bags can be easy, but afterwards, they can make quite a mess and take up space you might not have. Though they might add to the cost of moving, using reusable plastic bins with labels works well and if you can, you can move some items first and bring the bin back to pack more.  

Keep Calm and Pack

As much as you organize, not everything will go according to plan. With the help of your Sinclair Moving and Storage, you can get the job done. And when it comes to loading the many boxes, it seems difficult for two small cars to make that many trips. That’s why when it comes to moving companies, Sinclair Moving Philadelphia is there for you. When it comes to moving in Philadelphia, PA, hiring movers from Sinclair Moving is the best first step. These professional movers have done it all since 1923. Local moves, long distance moves, commercial moves, you name it, they’ve done it. Business owners and homeowners alike agreed that moving in Philadelphia has never been easier with Sinclair Moving. You don’t even need to lift a finger for our Philadelphia movers. They arrive in a timely fashion and get you to your final destination fast!

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