Make a New Office Location Easier on Employees

While getting a new location for your budding company is a great sign, it can also be a great amount of stress, especially for employees. When they have been working in one spot for a long time, or have only just started at the company, it can be taxing to switch locations. However, with a few tips, you can reassure your employees and alleviate some of the fears while keeping them productive during the transition.

Plan Well Ahead

As with any move, planning ahead is to your advantage. There is no amount of planning that can be considered too much when it comes to placing an entire company into a brand-new location. There are a few questions you are sure to receive from employees, so be sure to have answers to the following:

  • Will we still have the same amount of space?
  • How will this affect our current schedule and deadlines?
  • What new furniture or equipment will we have?
  • Do we have to pack ourselves?
  • What are the amenities in and around the new location?

Having these answers readily available will help lessen the anxiety that comes with a relocation.

Educate Your Staff

Be sure to have information posted throughout your current office that helps to answer questions employees are sure to have. Having brochures or flyers from the new space will give employees the information they need in a digestible form. Offering menus for restaurants in the area and brochures for the local merchants will also give them a good sense of what they are getting into and help plan how they will spend lunch or which store to stop at on the way home.

Let Them Visit

Whether you schedule field trips or let employees know where the new location is to check out on their own, they should be able to see where they are going ahead of time. This will help them plan and adjust their morning routines to fit the new commute.

Some companies go the extra mile and will take small groups of employees out to lunch at one of the local places by the building. This quickly acquaints employees with the area.

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