Keep Your Essential Items Accessible When Moving

Packing is one of the more tedious aspects of moving. You have to box and label all of your belongings. You’re essentially cataloging your entire life. All of the items you’ve acquired while you lived in your house now have to be carefully considered. What will you pack? What will you throw away? One of the things you need to seriously plan for is what you’re going to do with essential items. Toiletries, clothes, bedding: all things you’ll need on the last day at your old house, the first day in your new house, and possibly even in between, depending on how far your move is. When it comes to these essentials, you’ll want to make sure that anything you might need is easily accessible.

Keep Essentials Aside

One of the easiest ways to ensure you don’t need to dig through box after box, looking for your essential items is to keep them separate from the items that you can unpack at your leisure. You may want to pack some of your essentials in boxes, but you should keep some of these items in a separate bag or suitcase. This allows easy access to those items you’ll need on the way to your new house. This also allows you to quickly get back into your normal routines when you move in.

Keep Things Organized

From the time you start packing until the first night in your new house, things are going to be disorganized and chaotic. This means the more that you can keep organized the happier you’ll be. This is another perfect reason to keep your essentials separate. Instead of having to open and reseal boxes just days or even hours before you move, having these items aside means that you can pack and organize your possessions and keep them that way.

Pack Enough for a Week

Your best option is to set aside enough of your essential items to get you through a week. If you have a long trip you may want to consider packing more. You’ll want to have enough packed away to get you through your final days in your old house and the first few in your new house. Even if you manage to get boxes unpacked on the first day of your move, having a few days of necessities near at hand will give you peace of mind.

Use a Suitcase

Packing these items away in a few easily storable suitcases is a great idea. Suitcases allow you to open and close them easily. This means you have easy access to anything you might need throughout the moving process. You’ll appreciate having easy access to these items on your first day in your brand-new house. You spent a lot of resources on your move, so make sure you’re ready to enjoy your new home immediately.

A Professional Moving Team

You’ll also want to be sure that the rest of your stuff makes it safely to your new home. You need a professional moving team to help you transport anything you haven’t set aside as essential. Just because you might not need it immediately doesn’t mean you can do without it. At Sinclair Moving & Storage, we pride ourselves on our care of your belongings. Contact our experienced, professional team to make sure your move goes smoothly.

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