Preparing for International Move

How to Prepare for an International Move

Moving, in general, is never an easy task. The further the move, the more preparations are needed to make sure everything runs smoothly. Out of state moves are difficult for a myriad of reasons, including basic needs, such as changing over a driver’s license and registration and even helping children adjust to a new environment. However, when moving internationally, there is another level of preparation that must occur to help make the move smooth and as effortless as possible. Preparing for the legalities, alone, involved in an international relocation is essential to make the entire process as simple as possible.

Getting Your Paperwork in Order
Before you can pack for your international move, you must make sure you are legally able to move and take up residence in a new country. You must determine if this move is meant to be permanent or temporary in nature. Based on this decision, you need to obtain the proper legal documents to allow you to make the move. If this is temporary in nature, you will need to get a work visa or travel visa that will enable you to stay in another country legally. However, if this is a more permanent move, you must research the laws regarding permanent residency and potential citizenship transfers. Make sure you legally prepare for this move six months to a year in advance to make sure you are able to make the transition smoothly.

When moving locally, you want a fresh start. Therefore, you typically purge items you have not used or needed in at least five years. When moving internationally, this process is even more critical. An international move is an expensive proposition. Therefore, you will want to move with only the items you actually need and use. This is the perfect time to go through your closet and purge all of the clothing you haven’t worn in about a year. Any old electronics and children’s items you are not using should be donated or thrown away. If you are moving to an area with a different climate, consider storing or purging the majority of clothing that would not be useful in such environments, keeping only a handful of these items for travel purposes. The best way to purge is to take an inventory of everything you have and everything you can anticipate needing. From this inventory, remove items that are not on the list of potentially needed items.

Work with a Trusted Associate
When moving internationally, it may be difficult to travel abroad to find the perfect home, get registered with schools in advance, and even purchase a new vehicle or other needed items. Find someone you can trust that lives in the country in which you intend to move. Work with this person to help you find a new home before your move. Once you have relocated, work with this person to help you get settled into your new home, helping you navigate getting everything you need to resume life as normal in your new home country.
Being prepared for an international move is half the battle.

To complete the process smoothly, make sure you work with a moving company you can trust and has international experience. Contact the experts at Sinclair Moving and Storage at (856) 753-7400 to help make your international move a success.

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