College Moving

How to Move Your Kids to College

It is that time of year once again. High School students are saying their final goodbyes as they graduate from high school and prepare for their next adventure. Some will stay home and attend community college. Others will work for a year or two while they decide what they want to do in life. And others will be moving away to go to college, spending the next four years of their lives learning about life while achieving academic success. As bitter-sweet as this time is for most parents, the one thing all of these parents have in common is helping their children prepare for the next stage of life. An added issue parents of those going to college are dealing with is determining what is needed as they pack up their room at home to prepare for life in the dorms.

Do Your Research
Most college freshmen tend to go crazy when buying items for their new dorm. They want posters and bedding and electronics, as well as all of the clothing they can fit into an entire set of luggage. However, this is overdoing it and not truly preparing for the next adventure. The smart thing to do is to research what is needed. If your college freshman is rooming with one or more people, reach out to the other roommates as soon as possible.

Determine who is bringing what items that can be used as communal property. For instance, one roommate may already have a TV to bring for the dorm. Another may already have an ironing board and iron. One may have a small refrigerator. Make a list of the items that are needed and who already has these items, if anyone, so you do not over pack items that will not be used.

Also, determine the rules for the dorms. Some dorms may not allow certain items as they may be considered dangerous or against school policy. Some dorms may have a community kitchen area, which may require a set of dishes or pots and pans for cooking. Make sure you know the policies and amenities of your child’s dorm before shopping and packing.

Be Practical
Even if your child is going to college in another country and you need an international moving company, he or she will have breaks throughout the year. Your child will be home for several weeks during the holiday break at the very least. Therefore, your child does not need to bring his or her entire wardrobe to college in August. Think about the items he or she will need to get by until the first venture home for a college break. Pack only what is needed, leaving room for things your child may purchase while at school and keeping items he or she will not need during those months at home or in storage.

If your child is going to school closer to home, he or she may plan on stopping home frequently, mainly to do laundry and get clean clothes. Therefore, your child can pack items for one season and know that as the seasons change he or she will simply change out the clothes at school for clothes at home.

These are just a few tips for packing for freshman year in the dorms. However, every dorm is different, and every student is different. If you need help packing your child for college, contact the experts at Sinclair Moving and Storage at 800-282-7242.