How to Move Quickly: A Last-Minute Moving Guide

If you find yourself needing to move in a hurry, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. Moving can feel like a huge undertaking even when you give yourself plenty of time, so in a time crunch, it’s even more daunting. 

There are a few steps that you can take when you need to move quickly, which can make the process run a little more smoothly. Read on to learn a few quick tips about packing for a move in a hurry.

Pack Essentials In Suitcases and Bags

There are some things that you can’t really live without. These are the things that you want to pack in easily accessible bags and suitcases so that when you arrive at your destination, they’re at your fingertips. 

This includes things like a few changes of clothing, some basic toiletries, essential documents, and anything that you or your family requires for work or school. 

Get this out of the way first so that you can be a little less careful with your packing later. Knowing that you have your first few days in the new place taken care of (or at least the basics) will allow you to relax a bit. Remember, you’re aiming for speed here.

Ask for Help

Even if you only have a small space to pack up, moving is a considerable process. It’s easy to procrastinate and waste time by getting distracted by trinkets. Enlisting friends and family to help you move quickly will serve two purposes:

  1. More hands will mean considerably faster packing
  2. Other people are less likely to be distracted by your nostalgic objects

People are often happy to help, and it can even be turned into a fun activity with the right group. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance.

Pack One Room at a Time

If you’re the type who tries to do a little bit of every task at once, packing for a move in a hurry will be a challenge. Committing yourself to one room at a time will lessen the time that you take overall, even if it doesn’t feel that way while you’re doing it. 

Stick to packing a single room at a time. For an extra boost, start with the room that’s likely going to take the longest. The most complicated project should be gotten out of the way first. When you begin to run out of energy, the simpler projects will be easier to handle. 

Don’t Over-Organize

While sorting in a move is important, if you’re trying to move quickly, you don’t have the luxury of careful packing. 

Make sure that your boxes are packed securely, but don’t waste time organizing things. Ensure that breakable items are protected and keep similar objects together. This will likely be achieved by following the “one room at a time” suggestion. Do make sure every box is labeled, though, so you and the movers will know where it needs to go in your new home.

Hire a Moving Company

If it feels too overwhelming for you, and you don’t know where to begin, hire professionals. 

A moving company can help you out when you need to move in a hurry. Professional movers are adept at packing and moving belongings promptly. 

If you’re really in a time crunch, hiring professionals is a perfect choice.

Move Quickly With Help

Moving in a hurry might seem like a monumental task, but it’s doable with a bit of assistance. If you need to move quickly, consider contacting us for help. Our professional staff can make the process painless and straightforward so that you can focus on the other aspects of your new life transition.