How to Move During the Summer

Moving during the summer can be rough. With sweltering heat and more people on the road, there are obstacles that come with a summer move that are not there in other months. Of course, a winter move has its own limitations with inclement weather patterns, but the heat and excess motorists on the road can be a huge burden.

Pick Another Season

If possible, choose not to move in the summer. From the first day of May until Labor Day, there are students moving out of or into college and more teenagers driving. The equivalent to this move would be flying out somewhere near Thanksgiving. There are a lot more people and it comes with more difficulties. Of course, this is sometimes not an option. Maybe you are the college student leaving or you have a new job. If this is the case, the following tips can be beneficial.

Plan as Far Ahead as Possible

Having time on your side can alleviate a lot of the stress of moving at any time of year. Start researching as far ahead as you possibly can for your move. Getting a mover at least six weeks ahead of time will put you in a better position to get the time slot you need and can help alleviate unnecessary cost.

Move on the Least Busy Weekdays

A weekday in the middle of the month will be a lot less busy than a weekend or a holiday. This will ensure fewer people will be on the road and you will be able to better find parking and other accommodations near your new spot.

Pack Realistically

If you are unsure if you know how to properly pack for the heat, let a professional help. This also is part of planning ahead. If last minute you need help packing, they might not have the time and people to do it for you. Being realistic ahead of time will ensure you have the support you need and your items will make the journey unscathed.

What Not to Pack

With the heat, some things are better in your own vehicle rather than in the hot back of a moving van. These items include leather upholstered furniture, CD’s, videos, and cassette tapes. If they do need to go into the moving van, ask your movers how to best pack them, or have them handle it for you. With the right tricks, your items will make the trip.

Plan Extra Time

Between the heat, traffic, and things that are sure you come up, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to move in the amount of time you originally planned for. Make sure to pad your time a bit to make things run more smoothly.

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