Moving with Pets

How Make Moving Easier for Your Pets

Moving is never easy or fun. Even if you are a single person moving to a new home, there is always some type of stress. One you begin to add kids and spouses to the list, the idea of moving may become quite frightening. However, nothing is quite as difficult as moving with your pets. Pets are not only difficult to move physically, as there is always the worry that they can run out when least expected or have to go for bathroom breaks more regularly on longer car rides. However, another, more pressing issue when moving with pets is the anxiety pets can often feel in a new home which can lead to pets lashing out in ways that can harm your new home’s floors and even furniture. Our Northeast Philly movers have some great tips for you. Read on to learn how to help make moving with your pets a bit easier for you and for them.

Scents can be Key

Animals have an amazing sense of smell. Much like babies, they are comforted when they are surrounded by familiar scents. During the moving process, keep your scent and your pet’s own scent close to your pet whenever possible. If you have access to the new home prior to moving day, try to remove any scents related to the previous tenants or owners by conducting a deep clean. Them try to fill the home with both your sent and your pet’s scent before moving in. You can do this by grabbing blankets and other linens, as well as furniture and placing it into the home prior to bringing the pets in. If you are buying all new furniture, make sue to keep some linens that would have your scent and your pet’s scent and lay it on the furniture to help it smell like a safe, known place.

During the Physical Move

There are several schools of thoughts regarding what should be done with your pet during the actual move. The key is to keep your pet calm and remove any opportunity or anxiety to set in. If you are moving locally, it may be easiest for you to keep your pet at a sitter’s for the day while movers are moving in and out. Then, when all is complete and you are in the new home, bring over your pet and let him or her get acquainted with the home. Make sure you have set up his favorite bedding, food, water, and toys before he enters the home, giving him a sense of belonging and letting him know the new place is still his place.

However, if you are moving out of town or far from the original home, stay close to your pet while movers are doing their job. Keep your pet away from the doors and away from movers, even your friends that are helping move boxes. This will create an easier situation and keep your pet calm during the commotion involved in moving. Also, try to drive with your pet in your vehicle, if driving is an option. This lets your pet know that you are not leaving him behind. Much like small children, pets do not know what is happening and have anxiety that they will be left behind.

Unless there is a severe issue, wherein moving without your pet is not an option, never re-home your pet during the moving process. If it is necessary to re-home the pet for any reason that cannot be avoided, attempt to re-home him with a family member he knows and loves, to not upset him any more than necessary.

In conclusion, moving with your pets is never an easy task. However, if you take the proper steps to help your pet see that he is not being left behind, your pet will learn to love your new home as much as you do and will not experience unnecessary anxiety or other moving related issues. If you are moving with a pet, contact the experts at Sinclair Moving and Storage at (856) 753-7400. Their expert movers can help you navigate this already stressful situation and help you make sure you and your pet are enjoying life in your new home as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

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