Five Signs it’s Time to Move your Office to a Bigger Space

There are plenty of guides on how to pack and move to a bigger office, but how do you know when it’s time to move your office to a bigger space?

Obviously, one of the first clues that it’s time to start looking for a new lease is when you can afford it, but there are other signs a new location can help your business grow.

  1. Overcrowding

The stress of overcrowded workstations leads to less productivity and even less employee satisfaction. This is due not only to the lack of space for work, but also the distractions it causes. This distraction can cost your company big in the long run.

  1. Overflowing Storage

When the office begins to be a storage unit, it’s time to start looking for a better location. While the occasional box that doesn’t have a home isn’t an issue, it’s important not to have your staff working between stored inventory to keep supplies easy to grab and workspaces open for work.

  1. Not Enough Meeting Spaces

If your staff can’t sit down in a comfortable area to meet over projects, chances are their work won’t be as good. Some companies use public spaces, such as a coffee shop, to supplement their meeting areas. While this can work in a pinch, discussing confidential information in a public area is stressful at best, and can put the trade secrets of your business on display.

  1. Parking

When you start overhearing your staff discuss how difficult it was to find a parking spot, it’s time to start thinking of solutions. Keeping your staff happy getting into the office can help set up for a much more productive day.

  1. Rebranding

An often overlooked reason to move is rebranding. When your company decides to have a new look and feel, it’s a good idea to decide if your space reflects your vision. Finding a new space with the vibe and environment you are looking to convey can work wonders in rebranding. This can also help recreate a new company culture and encourage your staff to mentally evolve with your brand.

Sinclair Moving and Storage is here to help when you’re ready to move your office to a more spacious and convenient location. Call us today and one of our friendly moving experts will help get the ball rolling.

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