Do You Have an Exit Strategy for Moving Out of Your Living Space?

Living and working in the information age seems to make moving to a desirable location more effortless than ever before. You can get online and research school systems, crime rates, cost of living, and even GPS mapping footage of the new neighborhood. The value of these technology benefits cannot be understated.

While looking forward may be far more straightforward than 20 years ago, some things do not change. How to navigate the process of extricating yourself from your current living space will require some offline due diligence. If you plan to move out of an apartment or other rental space, these are things to include in your exit strategy.

Check Your Lease for Required Notice

Apartment leases typically require tenants to provide at least 30 days of notice that they are leaving. In some instances, even when your lease naturally times out, landlords may stipulate that you must provide formal notice. When people do not, property owners may operate under the legal assumption you entered a “tenancy at sufferance” situation. That means you remain obligated to pay the rent and follow the original lease until you provide notice.

It’s essential to know your lease and follow the process when vacating the premises. Otherwise, you could be stuck paying an additional month’s rent or lose a security deposit.

Purge Your Life of Unnecessary Stuff

It seems that no one is immune from accumulating underused and never-used items. These products may have seemed like great things to have at the time. But life has a way of drawing our attention to other areas, and closets turn into mini self-storage units.

Part of any effective exit strategy involves eliminating clutter. Consider taking a long, hard look at the stuff you don’t use and find a good home for it. Sell, give away, or donate unnecessary stuff before packing to move. We all start collecting clutter all over again after moving. Don’t double-down on extraneous things.

Secure Free Boxes

Moving comes with a series of necessary expenses that include utility changes, hiring experienced movers, and updates to a new space to make it feel like your own. But too many people spend money on items that you can secure for free with a bit of planning.

Plenty of stores and companies willingly give away boxes if you just ask. Liquor stores, wholesale outlets, and many others have little use for boxes after unpacking the products—some compact boxes and pay to have them hauled away.

If you are planning to move, you won’t be the only one seeking out free boxes. Consider starting the box collection process at least one month in advance. Pack and label them carefully and place them in a designated area. Proactive box gathering often leads to early moving preparedness. Even if it doesn’t, you won’t have to spend money on cardboard that gets thrown away later.

Movers Can Help with That!

Creating an exit strategy typically helps people save money and relocate efficiently. By that same token, many of us are overworked and lack the bandwidth to add to our hectic schedules. People can always rely on professional moving companies to fill in the gaps in their exit strategy.

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