Why You Should Consider Record Storage for Your Business

Your office space is probably full of material, equipment and personnel that are essential to your business. This means that things get quickly get cramped, though. All the people and computer and copiers and filing cabinets and desks can take what once was an open space for your business to grow and turn it into a cramped, uncomfortable space. One easy solution for opening up some space in your office, is moving your important files into storage. The new year is a great time to take last year’s documents and move them out of your building and into a secure record storage facility with Sinclair Moving and Storage.

Make Some Room

The most obvious benefit of using off-site storage for your files and records is what we’ve already mentioned; it opens up your office space. When you remove the clutter of old files, you make your office more inviting for guests and more navigable for employees. You can even turn the space you used to use for storage into a productive space, or even a relaxing area for employees.

Keep Things Secure

Another great benefit is that your important files and records are secure, away from prying eyes. You won’t have to worry about nosy employees or guests peaking at your information. When you have a busy office space, with multiple people using and adding to files, the chances of something happening to important stored documents increases. At our warehouse, your files will be securely stored until you need them.

Easy Access

With Sinclair, you can access your files very easily. You simply give our office a call and we’ll deliver whatever files you need. You can even call our office to pick up files you want stored at our warehouse. We make it as easy as we can for you, so you don’t have to interrupt a day’s work to move files. And when you no longer need certain records, with a certificate of destruction, we’ll destroy your files when the time comes.

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If you need to make room in your office, contact Sinclair Moving and Storage to get rid of those old documents and store them safely!


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