The Beginner’s Guide to Your First Full House Move

When you have lived in the same location for a long time, chances are you’ve accumulated a lot of belongings. If you’re moving an entire family into a new home, the amount of stuff you need to pack grows exponentially.

Preparing for your relocation can be daunting, especially if you’re going through a full house move for the first time.

Fear not! Small preparations in the beginning and a simple organization system can go a long way.


Getting ready for a full home move starts far before the first box is labeled. Transferring your information and utilities first can lead to a lot less stress down the line. It helps to simplify the stress of packing, moving and unpacking. Some of the first things to prepare include:

  • Setting up a forwarding address
  • Changing over your utilities
  • Buying packing supplies ahead for better planning
  • Taking measurements of the new house to plan room-by-room
  • Shopping for the best movers for your needs


Before packing your boxes, it helps to pack a bag as though you are going on vacation. While many people think to do this for the move itself, it can help to pack about a week in advance. By doing this, you will have the clothing, toiletries, and other important items set aside to ensure they won’t accidentally be packed, leaving you to look through boxes to find your essentials.

Beginning to sort ahead of time can also save a lot of time and stress. Many guides suggest packing room by room. This can make for an easy set up in the new home, but is often unrealistic. Instead, sorting items into categories such as softer items and electronics can lead to less packing mishaps and keep your important items safe from damage. This organization method will keep you fully organized but make putting items into boxes far easier.

Moving In

If you prepared ahead, unpacking will be easy. However, some first-time movers forget some of the important smaller details. Before unpacking anything, clean and dust the new location, then clean and dust your larger items. Even larger items that started their journey clean will have some dust or dirt after transit.

Starting with the closets can also alleviate some of the time and stress of unpacking. This will help quickly organize much of your personal inventory that is placed everywhere and leave more space to organize each room.

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