7 Tips to Adjust to Life in the Suburbs After a Move

Both urban and suburban living offers an excellent quality of life, but they are different experiences. Here are some ways to adjust to life in the suburbs if you previously lived in the city.

1. Explore the Area

Take some time to walk around your area, noting the natural beauty. Drive around and notice the location of amenities, such as gyms, restaurants, grocery stores, and nightlife. Gain a sense of how the street grid works.

2. Find a Special Place to Love

Realize that you may grieve the city, especially at first. However, one way to adjust is to find a special place that you adore. Perhaps you choose a café, a park, or a lunch spot. Either way, you choose a site that makes you feel comfortable and can help you build new routines.

3. Find An Urban Oasis

Many suburban locations have a gathering spot where entertainment, shopping, and dining are located. These suburban centers can generate energy similar to the city and maybe a place to turn when you crave that energy.

4. Get to Know Your Neighbors With a Backyard Party

Getting to know people is often more difficult in the suburbs than in the city because you drive more often than you walk and your houses are farther apart. Yet suburban communities are also very connected, so getting to know your neighbors is essential. One way to meet your neighbors, and celebrate the joys of suburban living, is to invite them to a housewarming party in your backyard.

5. Attend Local Events and Clubs

Another way to get to know your neighbors is to attend local events, such as festivals or block parties. In addition, many communities offer organizations such as walking clubs, garden clubs, and book clubs that can provide opportunities to explore interests and meet people.

6. Reorient Around Your Home

If you’ve lived in a small apartment or home in the city, the odds are that you wished for home spaces or decorative items that you couldn’t have. Now is the opportunity to have a large sofa, an expansive closet, a home office, or the perfect chandelier. So relish this moment and spend time decorating your home to create the ideal living space.

You’ll likely spend more time in your home in the suburbs than you did in the smaller place in the city. You’ll typically entertain in your suburban home, too; in the city, many of your friends may never have seen your home because it was too small for a gathering. In the suburbs, hosting clubs and throwing parties at home are typical.

7. Discover New Date Night Spots

You don’t have to give up culture and nightlife because you’ve moved to the suburbs. Nor do you have to drive back into the city for all your entertainment. Most suburban communities have theaters, restaurants, and nightclubs. The difference is that you will likely need to drive to them instead of walking or taking public transportation. The key is to find date-night spots you both enjoy in your new community.

Remember, you can always return to the city for a visit, should you feel the need to be reacquainted with a favorite spot.

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