5 Ways to Get to Know Dining Options in Your New Home

Moving creates a lot of chaos for your life outside of the home and inside. Unless you make a local move nearby, you’ll need to find new places to do everything.

Since most people don’t exclusively dine at home, finding good options in your new city is a great idea. You just need an efficient way to do it.

Follow these tips to find cuisine options in the area quickly.

1. Check Out the Apps

The most low-friction way to find new restaurants is to use apps that focus on them specifically. Apps like Yelp are popular, easy to use, and full of options in almost any area. Try out the most popular dining apps to see which one you like best.

It’s a good idea to read reviews, especially the most recent ones. If you find a lot of complaints, you may want to consider another option. Just keep in mind that people are more likely to complain than they are to praise. So restaurants with only a handful of ratings might still be good.

2. Ask on Social Media

If you like to spend time on sites like Facebook or Nextdoor, you may consider joining local groups. These groups offer a lot of local knowledge and recommendations.

Join one or two social media groups and ask for recommendations close to a specific neighborhood. You might get several. Then you can browse the companies’ social media pages and menus to see if they look interesting.

3. Read Local Newspaper Reviews

Although critiquing restaurants isn’t as exclusive as it used to be, you’ll still find sections dedicated to dining in the local newspaper. This allows you to check out new restaurants or get in-depth information about the owner’s background.

Browse the stories whenever you like, but don’t hesitate to dig through the archives. You might find years of reviews that give you ideas for places you can try now.

4. Ask Your Neighbors

You might already want to get to know your neighbors, so asking about restaurants is a perfect opportunity. Talking about favorite restaurants is a great icebreaker. Some people don’t know how to introduce themselves, but they’d be happy to share their favorite spot for pizza delivery.

Since your neighbors know the area better than you do, it’s wise to ask them about the best ways to get there. You’ll gain insight into routes that help you avoid rush-hour traffic or a long wait for a parking space.

5. Take a Walk

If you know where there are a lot of restaurants in the area, you can always take a walk or a drive. Walks are great because you can let your nose guide you to the place that smells the best.

Checking out restaurants in-person also gives you an idea of the menu, venue’s size, and the number of customers. The place with a line out the door every time you walk by? That’s a good one to consider.

Locate Your Moving Help

Finding great places to eat is a wonderful part of moving to a new home. If you’re looking for professional moving services, reach out to us for a quote.