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3 “Musts” for Your New Office Space

Choosing to move your office is a process. Most companies only decide to move the office space when it becomes a necessity. A new office means necessary downtime for employees and production, updating business cards and stationery to include the new address, and dealing with the typical issues any move may consist of, such as technological errors. Since your company is dealing with these issues as a part of the relocation, it is essential to make sure your new office space is a perfect fit. Here are the three “musts” that need to be considered when looking for the new space your business will call home.

1. Will You Rent or Buy?
The first “must” for your new office space is determining whether you are going to rent or buy. Depending on your needs and revenue, it may actually make more sense for you to rent office space, rather than buy. However, if you are ready to find a permanent location that you will be happy to call home for years to come, then buying is a better option for you. Making a decision to rent or buy will also affect the type of building you will use as an office. If you are looking to move into an office building with numerous office suites, you may be looking to rent instead of buy. However, if you want a stand-alone building that is a bit more like a home, buying may be the right move for you. Either way, this decision will affect the remainder of the process of choosing your new office space.

2. Location, Location, Location
Once you determine whether you are renting or buying a new office, you must find a place that suits your needs. Are you going to be seeing clients regularly? Do you need to be in a location that is easily seen from the street or would you rather a more secluded place? These types of questions can help you find the perfect location for your new office space. If you are seeing clients regularly, you will likely wish to have ample parking that is potentially free or inexpensive. If you want a location that is not secluded, then you may want to be in a city environment or on a heavily traveled road. In contrast, if you prefer a more secluded location, you may want an office space on a side road that is off the beaten path. You may wish to be in an office park as opposed to a stand-alone building. Since moving is not something you want to do every year, location is a crucial piece in choosing a new office space for the long-term.

3. Room for Growth
To avoid moving every two to five years, make sure the location you choose can accommodate growth. When you own a business, your goal is to grow beyond your current state. This includes adding more clients and potentially adding more staff to accommodate your clients. Therefore, you want to find a location that will help your future business goals, as well as your current state of business.
There are numerous issues to take into account when you are looking for new office space. However, these three issues are necessary to make sure your move is not a temporary change, but a more permanent one.

Once you find the perfect location, contact the experts at Sinclair Moving and Storage at (856) 753-7400 to help make the move to your new office space smooth and efficient.

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