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Philadelphia Movers Company

Philadelphia Movers Company

There is much to consider when searching for Philadelphia movers. Company after company will try to sell you on their services and discounts. Of course, Sinclair Moving and Storage has exemplary moving services and discounts, and we believe our reputation speaks for itself in these regards. However, what makes us truly great is our people. Take it from us; the employees of a moving company matter a lot!

A Company is Only as Good as its People

A moving company is only as good as the movers it employs. A moving company can have the best prices in the world, a slew of practical moving services, and years of experience; but if they don't have great people, they don't have a great company! At Sinclair Moving and Storage, we've been in business since 1923. Our survival through multiple economic depressions and recessions, cultural upheavals, massive changes in our society, and other external threats, is mostly due to our great people. Indeed, a lot has changed throughout the years, but having great people is what keeps us going!

Why We Place Enormous Emphasis on Hiring the Best People

It is the movers who will leave an impression on you. If a moving crew is tentative, polite, well-dressed, and careful with your belongings, you're going to take note of it. Conversely, if your movers are dressed like slobs, talk with street slang, behave unprofessionally, or disrespect you and/or your belongings, you're going to take it personally! You're going to say (among other things), "That's a bad moving company." At Sinclair Moving and Storage, we don't want you to conclude that about us!

What We Do to Ensure You Have Great Movers

For this reason, and for our own protection, we go above and beyond to hire only the best movers and drivers. We conduct extensive personal and criminal background checks for every applicant we consider for employment. We don't want to send anyone to our clients' homes or establishments who will not represent us in a positive way. We won't send anyone to your place who we wouldn't trust alone in our homes and businesses. We want people to work for us who, even if they saw a pile of money somewhere, wouldn't take a penny of what doesn't belong to them.

To help our employees reach their full potential and be the kind of ambassadors for us that we want them to be, we gladly provide them with competitive wages, flexible schedules, and other great benefits as well. We also implement an ongoing training curriculum that addresses moving protocols and procedures as well as customer relations. You can expect that all of our drivers and movers will be dressed in uniform, well-spoken, polite, professional, and happy to assist at all times.

Choose the Philadelphia Movers with the Best People

When considering a Philadelphia movers company, be careful! There are a lot of scammers and a lot of bad movers out there. You don't want someone on drugs or alcohol moving your stuff. You don't want someone with a criminal background for theft, burglary, sex offenses, or violence coming to your place. You want great people. At Sinclair Moving and Storage, we only hire great people!

Philadelphia Movers Company
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Philadelphia Movers Company