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Long Distance Movers NJ

Long Distance Movers NJ

Welcome to Sinclair Moving and Storage, the last stop for all of your moving needs. We are long distance movers in NJ making the moving process painless for our clients. Of course, you understand the logistics and the basic features of a long distance move - we load your stuff into a truck and drive it to where it's going. You might be surprised at how much goes into a long distance move.

What's a Long Distance Move?

A long distance move doesn't have to be around the world or to another region in the country. Usually, if you move to another state, even if that state is just a short drive away, this is considered to be a long distance move. For example, moving from NJ to NY would be considered a long distance move by most long distance movers in NJ. At the same time, if you move within the same state, but this distance is greater than 100 miles, it will also be considered a long distance move. The weight of the shipment determines the pricing of the long distance move.

What You Should Know

Before you pick a mover, you should be aware of the licensure and insurance policies of every moving company you consider using. Although it might not be exciting, and will probably be somewhat confusing, knowing these facts in advance will help you to pick the right people to handle your belongings.

Keep in mind that the licensure and insurance policies will vary for each mover. Know that every long distance mover must have a federal identification number, knowns as United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) number. The USDOT number is a way for the government to identify a particular carrier when collecting information from audits, compliance with inspections, and other data sets. There are also other tools for enforcing and monitoring safety regulations.


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is more complicated than the USDOT number and outlines the precise type of operations, cargo regulations, and areas that a carrier can operate in. The FMCSA also dictates the level of insurance that a company must maintain. Take note of this mandatory amount so you can compare numbers when you call movers. You can also ask to see the company's actual insurance certificates so you can get the most accurate comparisons.

Check the FMCSA website to see if your moving company is registered. Just make sure that the numbers on the truck match those found in the FMCSA system. If they don't, you might want to stay away from that company. It is a good idea to double check that your mover can, indeed, transport your belongings to and from your desired locations. This way, your goods won't be held hostage or stolen by an illegal mover.

Call Sinclair Moving in NJ

If you want long distance movers in NJ you can trust and afford, contact Sinclair Moving and Storage. We've been a business for 100 years, operating with transparency and integrity. Feel free to look us up online and reach out for any questions or concerns.

Long Distance Movers NJ
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Long Distance Movers NJ